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Do you have the latest Tesseract Theme installed on your website? *

NOTE: The lasted version you should have is 3.2.6 If you do not have this you will need to update your site.

Did you start having issues after you updated to the new Tesseract theme version 3.2.6? *

The new theme might be effected by some of your old website code.
Solution: Revert back to the old Tesseract version (2.5.5)
Below is a video on how to do this. *

Stable Tesseract Version 2.5.5 Download link:: 

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Are all your plugins up to date? *

Make sure ALL your plugins within your site are up to date.

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Directions: Watch the video below to make sure you do not have any conflicting plugins.
Check by disabling each plugin (one at a time) to see if that fixes your issue.

Is there any extra custom code or a child theme on your site? *

Directions: Watch the video below to make sure that you do not have any extra custom code or a child theme on your site.
Also: You might want to try reinstalling the Tesseract Theme by going to tesseracttheme.com and following the direction in the video.

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